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When we think of pool safety, we usually think of the physical elements such as slip-resistant pool decks, pool covers and appropriate fences. But did you know that you also have to focus on your pool’s electrical system? 

That’s right – just like your home, your pool environment relies on electricity to power essential pool equipment. Pool pumps, lights, heaters and other pool apparatus are powered by electricity. Without electricity your pool would not illuminate at night, maintain its purity, or keep a comfortable temperature.

When the electricity in your pool is not sufficiently connected, you and other pool occupants may be able to feel small currents of electricity, and it goes without saying this is a compromise to your safety.

Unless you are a professional pool electrician or electrical engineer you probably don’t even think about your pool’s electrical system. Lucky for you that the licensed pool electricians at VE Solutions think about it often. To us, electrical safety is our priority. 

Let’s dive into how we can make your pool electrically safe for the enjoyment of you and your family.



Pool Electrical: How we bond your pool

Bonding is the process which joins the electrical and metallic components of the pool together with a wire, forming a non-resistant path between the components. The idea of bonding is to connect, contain and stop the transmission of dangerous electrical voltage to pool equipment, people and animals.

When bonding, we connect your pool’s electrical and non-electrical metal elements into a network that harbours the electricity. The low-resistance path flowing back to the power source allows the harmful current to flow and trip the circuit breaker at the panel. 

Without this bonding measure in place, you could conduct stray electrical current when you are in the water or if you touch the metal pool rail. And you do not want to risk electrical injury or in extreme cases, drown by touching a metal pool fixture.


Pool Electricial: How we ground your pool

It is all well and good that we bond the pool’s electrical components, but where does the harmful electrical current go? We deal with this by using a process called grounding.

Grounding connects the bonded elements to the earth. Its goal is to direct and relinquish any dangerous electrical currents to the ground and away from people, animals and pool equipment.

We connect the pool’s electrical network to the electrical panel and then to the earth to be rid of any excess electricity. Without grounding, you, other pool occupants or your pool equipment could become the conductor. But with grounding, harmful electrical currents move away and to the earth.


How bonding and grounding work together

We bond all electrical components of your pool, such as the pump and metallic fittings, to electrically interconnect them and ground them to the earth. This means that no electrical potential can exist between them. So, proper bonding and grounding work together to ensure the electrical safety of your pool.


Why hire a professional pool electrician to make your pool electrically safe

The installation of bonding and grounding, also known as equipotential bonding, is electrical work and should only ever be undertaken by a licensed electrician. The Wiring Rules Standard outlines the specific requirements.

Getting down to the pragmatic but important details, these requirements are dependent on a number of factors such as the arrangement of pool equipment (pool pump, filter, etc), the existence of bonding and grounding, and installation of the pool fence. Only a licensed electrician has the authority to assess your pool’s compliance with these Wiring Rules.

If you are planning to construct a new pool, it is important that you consult a professional electrician early in the planning phase. That way, you will avoid any unnecessary excavation work to concrete, decking or floor coverings to install electrical wiring.

If you are already a pool owner, contact our professionals at VE Solutions to discuss your pool’s circumstances and to ensure your pool, equipment and fence have been safely installed.


Keep electrical devices away from the water

It should come as no surprise that water and electricity do not mix, so take extra care if you have electrical equipment set up in the pool environment.

If equipment that is not designed to operate in water such as radios and portable televisions slide into the pool, it could cause an electrical current in the water and anyone in the pool could be electrocuted. The same goes for frayed or damaged wires. Have them far away from any contact with water.

And never use extension leads near the pool either. It only takes a big splash from inside the pool or a pool occupant to drip water onto the cord for there to be an electrical danger. And particularly if the extension cord is faulty, it won’t take much for it to cause an electrical current if it comes into contact with water.

The general golden rule is to have at least two metres between the electrical devices and the pool’s edge. Better still, enlist a licensed electrician to install and maintain wiring in the pool area so you know it has been installed correctly.


Pool light wiring

Underwater lights wake your pool up at night and provide safety for pool-side occupants. However, should the lights crack or be incorrectly sealed, the light bulb’s voltage comes into direct contact with the water. This will immediately put an electrical current through the water.

 Damaged pool lights and faulty wiring are dangerous hazards waiting to happen. Minimise the danger by having a licensed electrician conduct regular checks on the wiring system and lights for defects.


Choose VE Solutions for your pool’s electrical requirements

Looking for a pool electrician, Northern Beaches, to make your pool electrically safe? Contact VE Solutions today. We deliver professional services and go above and beyond to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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