Top 8 Tips To Tell If Your House Needs Rewiring

Did you know that more Australians, on average, die in residential fires than by all natural hazards combined (floods, storms and bushfires)? It’s true. And what might also surprise you is that most of these residential fires were preventable.

Residential fires are often the result of electrical failure or fault. While some of these failures can be avoided through careful practices, such as not leaving your mobile phone on charge next to your stove-top, others can be directly attributed to overloaded electrical circuits, degrading wiring or faulty electrical appliances. 

What can you do to avoid malfunctioning electrical wiring? We know all too well that we often choose to ignore small electrical faults until they become one big fault. As VE Solutions’ experts are committed to your electrical safety, we have put together a list of the top eight signs to look for when your house requires rewiring from a professional house rewire electrician.

But first things first, before we delve into the signs, let’s shed some light on what you need to know about house rewiring.


What is home rewiring?

For the purpose of keeping your family and home safe, your electrical wiring must be up to date with Australian Government standards. What does home rewiring involve? Home rewiring is the process of stripping and replacing all or most electrical wires. In addition to improving your home’s electrical wires, home rewiring has many benefits for your everyday way of life. But the problem is that most people won’t consider it until they renovate or take measures to increase their home’s efficiency. Many people also do not have the knowledge to be able to depict if or when their house requires a rewire. The signs that indicate you have poor wiring can mistakenly be the result of other issues as well.

Now, without further ado, let’s examine the signs that could indicate your home needs rewiring.


  1.   Electrical demands

As your home ages so too does your electrical system. As you introduce more and more gadgets and smart home devices, the demands on your electrical wiring also continue to grow. So, it is crucial you are fully aware of the signs of deteriorating wiring. Even homes built in the 1990s would not have been wired to withstand the electrical demands of modern-day technology such as downlights, multiple computers and devices, video games, air conditioning and big screen televisions. Fortunately, we are given subtle clues to warn us of deteriorating wiring so that we can minimise the risk of fire in our homes.


  1.   Flickering lights

One of the most frequent signs that your home requires rewiring is the flickering or dimming of lights. Do your lights brighten occasionally? This means there is too much voltage. The opposite is true of dimming lights. When lights dim frequently, this indicates there is too little voltage. While there could be an issue with the lightbulb, this type of surge or drop in power is often the result of loose wiring or faulty circuits. And we encourage you to contact house rewire electrician services to investigate the problem.    


  1.   Lightbulbs burning out

While you won’t always notice flickering or dimming lights, it may be that your lightbulbs burn out in their sockets. This is a common sign that you may have bigger issues with your electrical wiring, and it is these issues that could be causing the fluctuations in voltage. Lighting is one of the best visual signs that your house may require a rewire.


  1.   Frequently blown fuses

Older style fuses are not designed to take the weight of today’s growing number of technologic and electrical appliances. So, you might find your fuses blowing frequently. This calls for an upgrade to more modern circuit breakers.

 Porcelain fuses fall into the category of older style fuses and pre-date today’s circuit breakers. We encourage you to keep track of your electrics and ensure they conform to current electrical standards.


  1.   Sparking and overheating outlets

Sparking outlets is often a clear indication that there is something potentially dangerous lurking in your electrical system. Should your outlets short-circuit or overheat, a professional house rewire electrician should investigate immediately. The last thing you want is to put you and your family in danger. While a single spark could ignite a fire, overheating sockets can damage your electrical goods. If you notice that your sockets or wires are somewhat charred or slightly discoloured, this could indicate a serious issue such as a spark burning and fraying the wiring. You may even receive a slight electrical shock when plugging and unplugging a cord. In effort to rectify the problem, our talented house rewire electricians would replace the sockets and faulty wiring to leave you with a fresh and fully functioning electrical flow.


  1.   Slight smell of burning

Should you notice a burning smell yet are unable to pinpoint its source, your wiring may be shorting behind the walls or underneath the floors. Any smell of undefined burning should be tested by a qualified electrician without delay. Burning smells are never a good sign and can put you and your family at risk.


  1.   Tripping circuit breakers

When your circuit breaker trips, this is indicative that it is doing its job. Circuit breakers ensure electrical flow is cut off when a circuit exceeds the amount of power it is designed to handle. But when the circuit breaker trips too frequently, this is a common sign there is an underlying issue with your wiring which a professional electrician should investigate further to isolate the cause.


  1.   Safety precautions

While paying attention to these signs should they occur, it is also important you follow safety precautions. From avoiding overuse of extension cords and power-boards to ensuring your ceilings and walls are free from rodents (these critters chew on wiring), you can minimise the risk of fire. Treat electricity with the respect it deserves and keep your family and possessions safe.


Wrap up

The expert electricians at VE Solutions have conducted an abundance of house rewires. We perform all work with the optimum grade of certification. Providing electrical services on the Northern Beaches and surrounds, we strive to give all clients a professional and seamless service. Call on us to talk about your house rewiring today!

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