Reliable Electrician in Manly During COVID-19

Finding the reliable electrician in Manly out of the many on offer can be tricky enough, let alone when we also have to be wary of a virus. You now need to consider safety, social distancing and more when having work done by an electrician.

Manly may be starting to ease restrictions, but until a vaccine is found, COVID-19 presents a level of risk that we all must be mindful of.

Vision Electrical Solutions care about the people and homes of Manly, which is why we have some tips for how to find the best electrician in Manly and the Northern Beaches who can offer you the best residential electrician services – even if you decide to go with someone who isn’t us!

Read on for the things to consider to ensure you receive quality work, as the safety of your family and home is not something worth risking.

Licensed Electrician in Manly? 

There are some apparent situations for which you need to call an electrician in Manly. These can be emergency repairs or the install and repair of your electrical systems.

When it comes to electrical work, it is not something you want to handle with a DIY fix, especially if you are somewhat unsure of what you are doing. The results can be deadly if something goes wrong.

In Australia, you are legally allowed to change your own light bulbs while also being able to operate your appliances in the way they are designed, any electrical work past that requires a qualified, licensed electrician.

This is inclusive of smaller fixes, repairs or additions that you may think you can handle yourself, including: 

 – The installation of a Power Supply

 – The changing the plugs on an overseas appliance 

 – Installing transformers for downlights

 – Fixing a broken fitting

These things may seem basic, but do you really want to risk it? The cost of an electrician instead of the DIY option not only gives you peace of mind in knowing that the job has been handled correctly, but it may also save your life.

Incorrect electrical work can result in damage, fire, injury or death. It is also important to note that you are liable for this if you haven’t used a qualified electrician.

Quality professional electricians will work to the applicable electrical legislation in Manly while adhering to the criteria set out in the Wiring Rules (Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007). 

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Reputable Residential Electrician

Electrician with the right qualifications 

All electricians in Manly or elsewhere, are required to hold an electrical license. This allows them to carry out electrical work as ‘Registered Electrical Contractors.’ Along with this, all electricians must issue certificates of electrical compliance on any work.

This proves that the work they have done complies with Manly’s applicable electrical legislation and has been appropriately tested and approved.

Steps and tips for finding the right electrician

Stay local – It will be more convenient for all involved if you opt for an electrician that operates in your area, and possibly even more cost-effective as the travel costs will be lower. 

Get a few quotes – Prices will vary, so the best way to ensure that you are not being overcharged is by comparing a few different quotes. While the prices should be reasonably similar, there will be some variance. It is also a good idea to compare this with reviews online, as the price is not always a good indicator of quality.

Check with trusted contractors – If you are undergoing a build or renovation, and have a plumber or builder working for you that you are happy with, ask them for a recommendation. The same can be said about friends of the family. You’ve no doubt seen plenty of Facebook recommendations posts; this is because it’s safer going with someone who has proven their capabilities to a person you know and trust.

Ask for their licence – Every electrician should have no problem showing you a valid license. If they do, consider this to be a very significant red flag and look elsewhere, especially if they were the cheapest quote.

Confirm your certificate of electrical safety – Another red flag is not receiving a safety certificate for any work that’s done. Confirm they will provide you with this once all work is completed and ensure they follow through. 

If you are still having trouble finding the right fit, you can contact your local state regulator for some recommendations, hence confirming they are all legitimate. When it comes to the safety of yourself and family in your home, you want total peace of mind that all of your electrical components are top-notch.

Best Electrician in Manly

Vision Electrical Solutions have been ensuring high-quality electrical work throughout the Northern Beaches for many years. Our family-owned and operated company covers a range of residential electrical needs, with all necessary licences, certificates and requirements guaranteed so you can check all of the boxes mentioned above.

We are also operating with strict policies to ensure the safety of everyone in our team and the homes we visit during COVID-19. Our competitive prices are extremely good value when you consider the fact that we are bringing over 20 years of industry experience to every job, big or small.

Contact our team today for repairs, upgrades, emergencies and more. We only use the latest products from leading manufactures to make sure that any work we do for you is of the highest quality possible. Vision Electrical Solutions can even provide a complete electrical design while handling the install ourselves, inclusive of smart home setups.

Ensure the quality, safety and ease-of-use for all of your electrical components utilising the latest technology by chatting to our Manly-based team today.

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