Why You Should Always Call On A Reputable Residential Electrician

You might think there are many advantages to doing your own electrical work. You can save money, be flexible with the timing and in control of your projects. But, in spite of these benefits, even the most experienced DIY electricians will reach the point when they need to call in a professional residential electrician

Even if you feel you are in a position to handle small electrical installations or repairs, the situation could go horribly wrong and you could endanger not only your own life, but your family’s lives too. 

There were 403 preventable electrical fires in Australia in 2017. Ensure you are not one of these statistics and always call on a reputable and qualified residential electrician to come out when you have an electrical emergency.

What do residential electrical contractors do?

Residential electrician are highly skilled technicians responsible for installing and maintaining the wiring and hardware that distribute electricity in our homes. 

Electricians work inside and outside the building on the following: 

    • Installing control systems, wiring and lighting in new and existing homes.
    • Connecting electrical wires to components and fixtures to create electrical circuits.
    • Reading and deciphering technical drawings and blueprints.
    • Examining electrical components to ensure they work properly and safely
    • Diagnosing and fixing issues with wiring and in electrical components.
    • Ensuring homes comply with regulations for electrical systems and safety.

So, even if you are happy to take on plumbing, carpentry or tiling projects, it is a mistake to do your own electrical work. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring a professional residential electrical contractor.

Electrician With Professional quality

You will only receive a professional level of quality from licensed electrical experts. Electrical wiring repairs and installations require a person who is highly experienced and knowledgeable in electrics to ensure you face no further electrical risks or problems in your home. 

Only licensed electrician Northern Beaches know how to handle your electrical needs and issues, however small or big they are. 

So be sure to check your electrician is highly experienced so that you receive the quality work and service you deserve.

Licensed Electrician

All legitimate electricians are required to be licensed correctly to be in business. Plus, they need to hold insurance in case of any potential accidents. 

You are more than welcome to ask your electrician for proof of both to ensure a high standard of electrical services. When you hire a fully qualified and certified electrician you can be certain you will receive value for money. 

Licensed residential electrician go through stringent training, testing and inspections, and undergo an apprenticeship, so your electrical work will be completed correctly.

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Work according to local building regulations

Local building regulations and standards govern electrical wiring in houses and all other establishments. 

All wiring must meet these standards to ensure the building or structure receives approval, especially on an extension or new construction. 

The standards ensure the wiring’s safety to prevent the risk of fire as a result of faulty wiring.

Insurance and liabilities of Electrician

Reputable professional electricians are always insured. When it comes to electricity, anything can happen, and at the very worst, it can result in large financial losses. 

You should always insist on hiring an electrician who is fully insured and licensed. That way, you will be exempt from any liabilities in your home. 

Always seek out the best residential electricians in your area. Vision Electrical Solutions residential electricians are highly experienced with the current knowledge and full insurance required to perform any job expected of them.

Wide range of electrical services

 Residential electrical contractors deliver a wide range of services beyond the typical electrical wiring and repairs. 

They are able to assist with new constructions, power circuits and outlets, interior and exterior lighting, smoke alarms, exhaust fans, split system air conditioners, data and voice cabling, telecommunication setups and so much more. 

Electrician Skilled in unusual circumstances

As electricians have the correct licensing, they are skilled in handling unusual situations.

Experienced electricians provide high quality work even under challenging conditions where an amateur or DIYer would suffer defeat. 

Of course, unusual situations are not as common in residential homes as they are in industrial buildings, but it is reassuring to know that your electrician can handle any electrical issue they are presented with.

Time and cost of Electrician

You can study up on as much electrical work as you like, but it takes years for a person to become an expert electrician, and even then, all professional residential electrician are required to stay up-to-date by doing courses to maintain their license. 

If you tried doing your own electrical work, you will be wasting time. The job may take longer than you thought, and if you do it incorrectly, you will need a professional electrician to start from scratch.

Would you really be saving money by doing your own electrical work? Probably not. 

Have a licensed electrician do it right the first time and you won’t waste money or time trying to do it yourself. Small mistakes or quick fixes can result in not only more expensive problems but also disastrous situations.

Electrical Safety 

Safety would have to be the most important reason why you should go with an electrical company like VE Solutions, an Electrician you can trust.  Electrical work is hazardous. If you try to do the work yourself and something goes wrong, you have no-one to blame but yourself. 

If your substandard work leads to a house fire, your insurance may not cover you when it is discovered you are an unlicensed electrician. 

Trying to be a DIY electrician is just not worth the risk. Your electrician will be on top of all the latest regulations, standards and codes.  This is the only way professional electricians know how to work, and they will not take shortcuts. They will always ensure yours and your family’s safety.

Correct Electrician tools

Residential electricians have all the proper tools and equipment to complete the job satisfactorily.  Having the correct equipment decreases the chances of damage and future issues and reduces the time it takes to complete the job. 

Expert advice from Electrician

And finally, your licensed electrician will recommend the most efficient materials, offer advice on how you can save energy and ensure you receive maximum comfort at a reasonable cost.

Call on Vision Electrical Solutions 

From electrical appliance repair to home automation, VE Solutions makes servicing, installation and repair easy and stress-free. 

As Electrical contractors Northern Beaches, we deliver installation and repair services to residential homes on the Northern Beaches, North Shore, St Ives and Wahroonga in Sydney.

With over 20 years’ experience, VE Solutions specialises in all electrical installations and repairs. Whether you require small repairs or a major smart home installation, our highly skilled licensed electricians will do the job for you. 

Not only are our expert electricians highly qualified but they are dedicated to customer satisfaction. You come first. We go above and beyond to look after our customers to ensure they receive the utmost standard of service for an economical cost.

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