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It was not too long ago that landscape lighting was seen only in public open spaces and gardens owned by rich folk. But now that we have access to sustainable designs, low voltage and energy-efficient fixtures, garden lighting electrician has revolutionised.

There is no denying that outdoor lighting is often stunning and creates a sense of mystery, depending on how you illuminate the space. On top of this, it is a great security measure and creates a sense of comfort.

We take this opportunity to look further into garden lighting design and installation and ask ourselves why it is ideal to have a garden lighting electrician do the job for us.

garden lighting electrician northern beaches

Why garden lighting?

Well-positioned garden lights allow you to take advantage of your patio, pergola and grassed areas and see them as extensions to your indoor living spaces during the evening.

When you have a well-lit swimming pool or water feature to complete your landscaping, your outdoor entertaining transforms into something magical. You will increase your family’s and guests’ safety when you install well-lit paths to prevent accidents and welcome visitors to your home.

It comes as no surprise that outdoor lighting adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal as well, especially when you want to draw attention to unique features such as rare shrubs and trees, and garden ornaments. This also enhances advertising photographs should you ever wish to put your property on the market.

We will now take a closer look at the type of outdoor lighting at the disposal of your garden lighting electrician.

Special features and spotlights

If you have the courage, make a bold statement in your backyard by installing a spotlight to highlight a special feature. Spotlights are used to draw attention to specific objects such as a statue or water feature. They create striking impacts while increasing your home’s security.

Paths and driveways Use low-voltage bollard lights to illuminate your paths and driveway. If trees or shrubs line your driveway, consider up-lighting to create a tasteful look.


LED ground lights offer all-important illumination for steps and combine artistic flair with functionality. Lights can also be installed on neighbouring walls to produce seamless, symmetrical lighting across steps.

Decks, patios and pergolas

Use both up-lighting and downlighting for patios and pergolas. Up-lighting provides better illumination from a distance. But if you want to light up seating and dining spaces, downlighting is a better alternative.

Plants, trees and shrubs

Use downlighting and uplighting to highlight trees, flower beds and other foliage. They work well if you focus on colour. Lighter coloured flowers and leaves reflect more light. If you want to put your flowers in the spotlight, consider using downlights from fixtures positioned on tree branches.

Pool and lawns

For lawns and pool areas, ground lights deliver a warm glow. You have plenty of options, but high output LED lights serve to illuminate water surfaces beautifully.


Wall sconces and lighting can help illuminate your entryway and provide safety for your guests or late-night residents returning from a night-out.

Who can install outdoors lighting?

It is always advised that whenever you require electrical work done inside or outside your home you employ a fully licensed garden lighting electrician to complete the work. This not only ensures your family’s safety but that the job is done correctly. The last thing you need is a fickle electrical job. Then, you will have to call out an electrician to correct it, wasting not only a lot of time and effort but money too.

A professional electrician like the experts at Vision Electrical Solutions can add light to your home’s exterior in no time. So all you need to do is rediscover your garden’s beauty.

Our licenced electricians will safely and efficiently integrate heavy-duty conduits into your lighting system so that your outdoor lights perform with a high degree of proficiency for years to come.

With safety our priority, we ensure the wiring is neat, tidy and secure. Moving on from garden light positioning, let’s spend some time looking at the basic key elements that you will need to keep in mind when designing your garden lighting scheme.

Less is more

Outdoor lighting is generally more subtle than indoor lighting. So, for overall garden illumination, it is better to choose soft indirect lights that will not overpower your outside spaces. The idea is to focus on highlighting specific areas and objects. You don’t want your garden to look like a scaled-down version of an arena!

Lights with purpose

Remember to light up those safety areas such as paths and steps, around the pool or pond. And don’t forget to light areas such as the patio or pergola for al fresco dinners, and the barbecue for when you are cooking.

Accents to highlight

Use spotlights to draw attention to feature objects like statues or an intriguing old tree. Accents create a stunning visual impact. You might even want to install sectional floodlights for optimised security.

Garden Lighting Expert, Northern Beaches

Where you choose to install light fixtures is completely your decision, but Vision Electrical Solutions’ electricians can offer suggestions and advice on the lights’ positioning and model types. There are so many light fixtures to choose from to suit a range of tastes, functions and budget.

When it comes to planning and installation, rely on Vision Electrical Solutions’s team of qualified electricians. With safety on the top of our list of priorities, we will help you plan, source and install a garden lighting system that will transform your outdoors anytime – day or night.

Vision Electrical Solutions is more than happy to help you with your garden lighting design and installation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Vision Electrical Solutions is based in Northern Beaches. The Northern Beaches is a region within Northern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia, near the Pacific coast. This area extends south to the entrance of Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour), west to Middle Harbour and north to the entrance of Broken Bay. The area was formerly inhabited by the Garigal or Caregal people in a region known as Guringai country.

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