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For immediate fixing of dangerous electrical issues, we need to call for an emergency electrician in the Northern Beaches. Because nowadays, there is not much you can do without electricity. It is one of the most important systems that keep your home and even your car ticking along.

Think about it: without power, you would have no heating or appliances like refrigerators and televisions. We would all find it quite a challenge to perform the daily routines we rely so heavily on. 

We depend on residential emergency electricians for all our electrical issues, whether they are routine fixes or more matters of urgency. But how do we know the difference between routine fixes and emergencies?

It is helpful to be aware of the scale of severity, so you know whether the electrical fault can be treated as a routine or something that could potentially save your life.

Let’s take a look at the usual work an electrician in northern beaches does – work that is mostly carried out during the daytime and isn’t considered an emergency.

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Routine electrical services of an emergency electrician

Non-emergency tasks include but are not limited to:

         • General power and light repairs

         • Search for electrical faults

         • Installing and testing smoke alarms

         • Issues with the meter box

         • Lighting installations

         • Smart home installation

Now, let’s explore the more serious electrical issues, those that could pose a threat to your premises as well as you and your family.

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What does an emergency electrician do?

Emergency electrical work means the electrician attends all serious and urgent issues that might occur on your premises. Emergency electricians at Vision Electrical Services are trusted experts who will get to you quickly in the event of an emergency whatever the time, day or night.

They operate 24 hours a day and are both well-trained and experienced handling all urgent electrical emergencies.

When to call an emergency electrician?

First things first, if you suspect an electrical emergency in your home, your first course of action is to switch off the main power source if possible. This will avoid shocks and prevent further damage or complications.

In the case of a fire which you think might have been caused by an electrical fault, never ever throw water on it. Doing so could result in possible electrocution and conduction. Leave your home and contact emergency services on 000.

While it might not always be clear when an electrical issue is an emergency or not, there are some factors to consider, which we will take a look at below. But if you are unsure, you can always call your local emergency electrician in Northern Beaches. 

Vision Electrical Solutions is equipped with industry-specific knowledge and safety training, our electricians know what to look for and will work all hours to resolve your electrical issues and ease your mind.

Now, without further delay, here are the top reasons why you should call an emergency electrician.

         • Electrical shocks from an outlet or circuit breaker

         • Exposed wiring

         • Water damaged electrical cable

         • Smoking or charring power sockets

         • Sparks, flames, smoke or acrid smell

         • Regular power interruptions

         • Buzzing and humming sounds

         • Circuit panel is rusty or wet

Let’s explore these electrical issues further.

Electrical shocks

If your outlet or circuit breaker gives you shocks when you are too close, this could mean that your electrical system is wired incorrectly or overloaded. The shocks could turn fatal so call your electrician immediately. Once repaired, your home will be protected against sparks and shocks.

Exposed wiring

Unearthed exposed wiring could not only be damaging your appliances but it can also be a fire risk. Poorly insulated wiring can cause the cable to burn. And it increases the risk of electrocution if touched. Any exposed wiring should be dealt with by a professional.

Water damaged electrical cable

If you have water damage in your home, chances are it will get into your cabling. This will be extremely dangerous when the cabling is re-energised. You should have an emergency electrician investigate the water damaged cabling immediately before you use it again.

Smoking or charring power sockets

With so many reasons why a power socket would be smoking, it is crucial you do not touch the socket because you don’t know what is going on behind it. There might be a fire or even a large electrical surge causing the smoke. So, isolate the power and call an emergency electrician straight away.

When a socket is charged it is normally visible and emits an obvious odour. This could again be a sign that something more threatening is going on in the electrical mains network. Again, this is a job for an emergency electrician.

Sparks, flames, smoke or acrid smell

There is most likely an emergency if you witness sparks, flames, smoke or smell something that resembles burnt rubber or plastic. It is likely you have damaged wires in your home, and these can spark a fire.

If you see fire call the emergency services immediately. If you see smoke at an outlet, turn the power off and call an emergency electrician because this has the potential to turn into a fire.

Regular power interruptions

Frequent power interruptions are a sign that your electrical system is wired incorrectly. As this can result in an electrical surge or it has the potential to be a fire hazard, call an emergency electrician. Replacing the wire in your system will ensure safety.

Buzzing and humming sounds

If you hear loud buzzing or humming coming from the circuit breaker box this could mean that your breaker has poor wiring or is failing to trip. Never ignore these sounds because it may be exposing your home to a number of electrical failures.

Main Circuit panel is rusty or wet

If your main circuit panel is wet or corroding, contact the emergency electrician in northern beaches to replace it to remove the source of rust or moisture.

And to wrap up, here are a number of reasons why your electrical issues could be potentially serious, even fatal. Should you witness any of the above signs it is imperative you call an emergency electrician immediately.

Servicing Northern Beaches, North Shore, St Ives and Wahroonga, Collaroy, Freshwater and Manly for over 20 years, Vision Electrical Solutions emergency electrician will come out to you any time of the day or night to resolve your electrical issues and give you peace of mind.

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